“The internet is a weird yet beautiful place”

The Internet has yet again come up with another trending hashtag thats sent the general population into frenzy.

This year we have seen many “Challenges” from the ALS ice bucket challenge, to the black and white ‘challenge’, the kylie Jenner lip challenge and now the Charlie Charlie Challenge.

*patiently waiting for the #WriteYourNameChallenge or #DrinkAGlassOfWaterChallenge to emerge and take over social media*

The challenge first gained popularity over Vine and slowly spread its tentacles over tumblr and finally twitter where it was the top worldwide trend for hours.

Charlie is not the next Paul the octopus in fact he is an alleged Mexican demon.

Hola Demonio!

The ‘Challenge’ is simple: draw a grid on a piece of paper with “yes” and “no” in the boxes, balance one pencil on top of another in the shape of a cross, and ask something along the lines of “Charlie, Charlie are you here?” or “Charlie, Charlie can we play?” Then watch as the pencil moves and proceed to scream, etc. For viral fun, film yourself doing this and share the result.


So does this confirm that evil spirits do exist.

Well I dont have an concordant proof about that (expect movies like ‘The Conjuring’,’ Blair witch project’ and Atticus institute’) but in the Charlie Charlie case, Its not really a demon controlling the movement of the pencil. The Independent credits the supernatural-seeming occurrence to “gravity, and the awkward positioning of some pencils.”

Ningun demonio aqui.

Thanks for the heads up tho.


But alas, this is a social media trend, a few spoofs are aught to be present.

charlie-charlie-challenge-spoof-02 charlie-charlie-challenge-spoof-03 charlie-charlie-challenge-spoofs-one-direction-twitter-ftr

So do you plan on trying out this challenge?

So do you

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