Everything You Need To Know About Zayn Malik Since His departure From One Direction

zaynEven though the former One Direction star changed his direction inorder to live a ‘normal’ life, he has been constantly surrounded with rumors and has always been in the spotlight.

After his departure from the band on March 25th, there were many speculations about his sudden decision. Directioners weren’t buying the whole “I want to live a normal 22 year old life” answer. But after several interviews with his peers who insisted that was the real reason, most of the fandom finally accepted the truth.

“Zayn went because he’d had enough. Have you ever been on the road for four years? These guys aren’t at home… There is no way the same thing is going to run through all five guys, that they’re all going to want to be on the road so much together. Eventually he got to a point where he’d had enough. It was, ‘OK, I don’t want to be in this band any more’. It was that simple, it was human instinct kicking in. People want it to be complicated and have secret reasons but that is what it was”                                                                                                        -Jamie Scott (band’s co-songwriter)

However Liam Payne recently confimed that the main reason why Zayn quit 1D was infact to spend more time with Perrie Edwards.

‘He wanted to spend time with his family and his missus. That’s cool with us.’
-Liam Payne

Err whats the real deal here? *nervous laughter*

When things finally started falling in place, and everything seemed to be running smoothly. A single tweet destroyed everything.

Zayn’s apparent demo from his ‘solo single’ was posted by Song producer and zayn’s close pal Naughty Boy on twitter following a twitter war between Tomlinson and him.



Directioners totally lost their senses and went into a frenzy. Speculations and rumors about him, leaving the band due to tension between band members and solo career returned.

Just when you thought everything come to an end, zayn decided back Naughty boy instead of his bro Louis Tomlinson in yet another Louis Vs Naughty Boy twitter feud version 2.0 .*trys fixing my broken zouis heart*


Say whaaaat?!

Louis however, didnot reply to Malik’s tweet and did clarify thats everything’s alright on the James Corden Show.

“There’s been a bit of back and forth. I think we’re on good terms again… I’ve never been very good at biting my tongue… Twitter’s great for connecting with the fans but also if you feel like saying something you probably shouldn’t, it’s also good for that as well.”                                                                                                                   – Louis Tomlinson

And now Producer Naughty Boy has confirmed that Zayn Malik has recorded a track for his upcoming album, which is a follow-up to his 2013 release, Hotel Cabana.

Speaking at the The 60th Anniversary Ivor Novello Awards, Naughty Boy said: ”Zayn is definitely going to be on the album. I’m keeping it interesting. I’m an artist person and I’m drawn to proper singers and artists and to me Zayn is the epitome of a great artist.

“Our track is going to be ready in a couple of months… You are going to be shocked by what he comes out with… I feel that the last five years have the most important for him but I feel he has a future beyond that.”           – Naughty Boy

There were also rumors circulating about Zayn joining the famous British Reality TV show ‘The X Factor’ as a judge. However, a representative for the former One Direction star has denied recent reports that suggest he is set to join the judging panel on this year’s series. ‘It’s a complete fabrication, this story is complete nonsense,’ a spokesperson confirmed to MailOnline.

He is also rumored to lend his voice for an upcoming bollywood song.  An Oct. 15 article on the site Bollywood Life reports that the performer has been offered Rs. 5 crore (over $800,000) to sing a song for a Bollywood film, and there’s speculation that Malik has even been offered a chance to become a Bollywood star by acting in a film.

The singer has been approached to work on a song for a Bollywood film seems well established, but details of him being offered a film role are thin. The source of the rumor is unnamed, and has simply said: “One very big production company is putting together an offer for him to act as well as sing.”
As far as the Zerrie wedding is concerned, Perrie Edwards highly doubts the world will be able to hear the wedding bells this year.

“”I don’t know when the wedding will be. We’re still planning it but I’m so busy with Little Mix now [new single] Black Magic is coming out,” -Perrie Edwards


So basically thats all you’ve missed in the keeping up Zayn Malik. Do you think Zayn left the band too early and should have reconsidered his decision?

Listen to Zayn’s demo solo single here:


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