How To Deal With Belly Fat?

Battling With Belly Fat- Teen Edition.                                                                                                                                     By Divyansha Dongre.

Belly fat is the most rigid fat. It takes a few weeks to develop but often takes months and sometimes years to get rid of it. Everybody enjoys a smooth wash board stomach. Now don’t get me wrong, you must feel completely confident and proud of your body the way it is. If you do have belly fat like me, it should never be a reason for social stigma or embarrassment. But sometimes I do feel conscious when wearing body con dresses or crop tops.

Belly fat is a way of your  body cells communicating with you- “thats it I’ve had enough! No more please!”. Belly fat often leads to hormonal imbalance, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases.

So what exactly should we do?

Well Im not a renowned nutritionist or a gym instructor. However with the 4 years knowledge that I have received through studying food and nutrition and my own experience. I wish to help teen out there battle with belly fat.

Belly fat is not just a calorie game. A perfect combo of exercise and diet is your secret weapon. Today Im going to share with you a few easy, entertaining exercises which can help you begin your journey.

There are 101 ways available on the internet inorder to help you get rid of that rigid belly fat. But are they all worth the try?

There are 101 ways available on the internet inorder to help you get rid of that rigid belly fat. But are they all worth the try?

Whenever we think about exercises that could help us reduce our belly fat, Pilates and crunches immediately hit our head. There is no doubt in saying that they are the most effective and common methods. However, when I tied them out, I found them extremely difficult, boring and a major strain to the back and neck.

I would highly recommend you to try cardio dance abs workouts. They are not only fun, effective and easy to learn/attempt for beginners. They’re a perfect workout routine as it leads to more sweating (leading to more toxin removal) and I generally feel fresh after the workout- something one should be feeling after a good workout and not bored or cranky because of the strained neck.

Its necessary that one must have a light warm up session before doing the ab workout in order to reduce muscle cramps and pain later after the excerise.

The zumba warm up steps and cardio ab workout are extremely easy to  master, once you get the hang of the steps you can dance according to the beats of your favorite song.

Check out the few links below, that i find worth the try.

Warm up video- This is a MUST! I once started my ab workout without the warming up feeling all rebellious and bad ass and ended up with loads of muscle cramps.

Cradio Ab Workout- The ultimate ab workout in my opinion.

Workout Playlist

Little Mix- Word up.

Sia- Chandelier 

Fifth Harmony Ft Kid Ink- Worth It

One Direction- No control.

Krewella- Alive.

Becky G- Cant stop dancing 

Calvin Harris Ft Rihanna- We found love.

Zedd Ft Selena Gomez- I want you to know.

In my next blog post, I shall  discuss about the diet plan that I highly recommend and love following.

Its not boring, trust me.


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