The ‘Super’ Leak

Supergirl pilot leaks six months early in full HD

supergirl-cbs-warnerbrosThe first episode of CBS’s forthcoming Supergirl series has leaked online a full six months before it was scheduled to air. Two versions of the 46-minute episode (one in full HD and another in lower resolution) made their way onto torrenting sites late last week, with BitTorrent news site TorrentFreak describing the leak as a “complete surprise” to the pirating community. As seen in the six minute trailer for the series released earlier this month, the pilot shows former Glee star Melissa Benoist as Superman’s cousin Kara Zor-El (known as Kara Danvers to us humans), struggling to get to grips with both her newfound powers and the harrowing trial that is life in New York City.

Kara is a sweet-hearted single gal who’s a klutz around men, hides behind a sensible ponytail and glasses, and can’t quite figure out how to make the most of her potential.

Enter Calista Flockhart- her powerful, hot, smart, snobby boss.

So cliche. *rolls eyes*

Downloads aren’t going as fast as expected, a realistic estimate is that it’ll reach a quarter of a million downloads by Saturday morning, according to

And Im not surprised.

I went ahead and saw the pilot episode because why not. And honestly I wasnt very entertained nor was I extremely bored (I did however stop mid-way). I was expecting things to go a bit slower yet keep the plot fresh and entertaining. In the Pilot episode Kara Zor-El discloses her secret to her co-worker. The casting could have been better. The casting ensemble looks distorted and mismatched. Its not gelling together. The pilot episode had striking resemble to the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”

What do you think about Supergirl? Do you think it has the potential to compete with other CBS superhero shows like “The Flash” and “Arrow”?

Supergirl- First Look


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