Zayn Malik’s Voice Not Showcased in One Direction, According to Naughty Boy

*Insert the boys’s vocals*

“Here we go again”

He always has something to say. SMH.

Zayn’s producer pal told Capital FM recently, “He’s got an amazing voice, but I do feel like they all [One Direction] have added something as individuals in that band. Zayn has just been probably the one that’s sort of not fully showcased what he’s capable of.”

He continued, “I think Zayn’s voice is just amazing. That’s the important thing, I feel like he’s an artist. I work with singer-songwriters, I just find it difficult to work with people who haven’t got something to say.”

But Im pretty sure I heard his vocals rip my heart apart and expose my soul. What you on about naughty boy? The one band member who’s voice isnt appreciated is Louis yo!

He also commented on the fandom, explaining, “Obviously the One Direction machine is a massive machine, maybe I didn’t understand it. And there’s no doubt about how passionate their fans are. I just became part of the jigsaw, but I’m not entertaining it like others would. I want to get back to business. I want people to be excited about music and not what’s been going on, that will always blow over.”

Do you think Zayn wasnt given enough credit or appreciation in terms of vocal abilities?


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