20 Fanfics On Wattpad That Every Directioner Must Before Their Last Breath.

download (2)Apart from a tumblr/twitter account, laptop, free wifi  alongside a tub of ice cream and a few boxes of tissues, Fanfictions are an essential part of a fangirls life. And luckily, the One Direction fandom is blessed with talented and creative writers.

Fanfictions are often considered as dumb and pointless to read. The outside world find them worthless and solely written for sexual purposes. But to prove them wrong, here are the top 20 One Direction fanfictions written by people who actually mean business and appreciate a good read.

20) The Love you never receive- A Zayn Malik Fanfiction by GaganpreetKaur3

The sixteen year old writer has over 12 thousand reads and over one thousand nine hundred votes. The ongoing Thirty part fan fiction is wonderfully written with detailed description. The vocabulary used is diverse and the story is well structured and written with careful use of punctuation and words.

Some of the notable and fantastic lines from her fan fiction include ‘Our body was meant to shield us but now, its against us to fight’

The story is written in first person narration, and revolves around Greysha Smith and Zayn Malik.

Summary of the story: Only love could heal her wounds. And it was love that she could never receive….

19) Equinox- A Harry Styles Fanfiction By Foolspaces ( @Tomlinjaan)

The Honors in Finance and accounts student is not only good with numbers but an excellent and smart writer. Farah Haque’s ongoing masterpiece has over thirty three thousand eight hundred  reads and over One thousand three hundred votes. The thirty three part ongoing story is updated every Sunday/Monday. The Story revolves around Harry Styles who has been accused of Allen Osments murder and Alexis Prescott- His lawyer. But as the story unfolds, the case takes unexpected turns.  The story is intriguing and full of twists and turns. The plot is definitely well set and written down. The fanfiction is currently #105 in mystery/thriller.

Summary: “It felt as if I was stuck in the middle – just like the state of an equinox.”

18) Illegally Yours- A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction By WhammyStyles (@Hazatonic)

The 78 parts ongoing fanfic is a must read for all the humor lovers. It currently has over 8.7 million reads and 331 thousand votes. Frida Mae is insanely in love with Louis Tomlinson and saves Tommo after gets into an accident. After she discovers that he’s suffering from a memory loss she pretends to be his wife. The story is wonderfully laid out with amazing comic dialogues and situations.

The fanfiction is currently #27 in fanfiction category.

17) Gay- A Harry Styles Fanfiction by Fairy_Stylesx

Inspired by a Korean drama the ‘nameless’ writer brings to you a humorous and cute fan fiction titled gay. In which Harry Styles pretends to be gay to get closer to his love interest named Stacey.

With 10 parts, over 7.2k reads and 689 votes, this fan fiction is a must read- even though its insanely short and keeps me  wanting more every time I re-read it.

Highest ranking: Humor #504 and Fanfiction #820

16) Motel 6 by _HakunaMatata_ (@ _delilahmae_)

Motel 6- where you may find cockroaches in the showers, questionable food in the vending machine, and maybe, possibly, some love along the way.

The 2014 Watty Award winning book revolves around Niall Horan- One Direction Band member who’s life is threatened by a few hooligans. Meet Avery Holmes, a teen mother with a gorgeous child Aimee, trying to run away from her problems- Especially an abusive boyfriend. What happens when Niall and Avery collide at Motel 6? Is this the end to Avery’s problems or just the beginning.

The 73 part completed fanfic has over 54.3 million reads and over 815k votes.

15) Knee Socks- Punk Louis Fanfiction by Brokenlines (@Kneesocksfanfic)

She was the sun and the moon, the flowers in bloom, a young virgin in a pair of knee socks. My strongest possession, and my greatest weakness.  

The story is technically meant for a mature audience due to the usage of strong words, sexual scenes content and story line. Nevertheless, the story is a perfect contrast between a shy soft spoken girl named Delilah and a ‘dark’, bad boy named Louis. The story line is addictive simply because the writer brings about the effects that both of them have on each other and vividly describes each and every scene.

Some readers classify this story as a ‘pedophile crap’ as Louis Tomlinson falls in love with a sixteen year old. But in my opinion that’s not true as the age difference isnt big and Louis does not use her for sexual purposes- he truly adores her.

With over 3.9 million reads and 99.8k votes, this 33 part ongoing series is set to drive your imagination and tickle your senses.

14) After Trilogy by Anna Todd- Imaginator1d (@Imaginator1D)

The After Trilogy- an internet sensation with over 1 billion reads and still counting is an erotic 3 part story that revolves around two opposite characters- Tessa and Harry

Tessa Young is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. She always has things planned out ahead of time, until she meets a rude boy named Harry, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.

The online phenomena has already hit bookstores worldwide and made it to the New York best sellers list. It is also  set to be turned into a motion picture.

The story is wonderfully written and the plot is well laid with careful thinking and planning. The character traits are well established and thoughtful. The story is realistic to some extend and the romance between Harry and Tessa is burning, addictive and sensual fulled with titillation and excitation. Every chapter will always leave you wanting for more.

For a first time writer Anna has done a fantastic job with everything- from the story line to minor details such as punctuation and syntax.

Kudos Todd!

13) Dark- A Harry Styles fanfic by HanRawr (I guess)

The first Dark Harry Fanfic.

The story has striking resemblance to both After and Knee socks. Bo (the female lead character) shares striking resemble personality wise with Delilah from knee socks. And Harry Styles is an over powering, short tempered, aggressive and over protective (as always) boxer who hopelessly and deeply falls in love with Bo.

The story was originally written on a fanfiction site but unauthorized versions of the same are available on wattpad.

12) Anonymous- An Niall Horan fanfiction by samemistakes (@sameemistakess_)

Who said twitter couldn’t save lives?

The ongioing 70 Part Story with  over 7.2M Reads and  334K Votes is the next big thing in the world of one direction fanfiction. The story line is very unique and has an edge to it.

It is currently ranked #3 in the fanfiction category.

11) Dark and Dangerous Love by MollyNight (@MollyNight)

 “Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power.” – Oscar Wilde.

EARTH: year 2438. The world is different now: ruled by a ruthless and merciless monster.All Evelyn Blackburn wanted was freedom.  But how could you escape from the oldest vampire in existence and the King of the most powerful race ever to walk the Earth…? The tables have turned.  Vampires had risen from the night to rule the planet that was theirs to control from the beginning The 25th Century was an era of hierarchy, prejudice, greed and suffering. She was a rose, stuck between thorns. The tall, dark and handsome King with no soul, no compassion, no capability to love and appreciate; a man who was obsessively possessive. A charming Lord, with captivating green eyes, a kind soul, tousled dark hair and a dimpled smile shall tug at your heart strings. The childhood sweetheart, the man whom Evelyn believed was the one for her, the man she shall marry… Until Fate intervened.

Demographics:  163 Part Story. 94.1M Reads and  1.5M Votes

So this is it. We have finally reached to the top 10 countdown! Who do you think will secure the number 1 spot? Find out in my next blog.

Thank you for reading!



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