All Hail, Slay King Justin Bieber Has Arrived.

I absolutely love it when celebrities throw shade around or simply shut down baseless rumors with one sassy comment.

Justin Bieber recently took over instagram to shut down baseless rumors about Selena Gomez and his recent dinner.

They were recently spotted on Wednesday night when Rich Wilkerson Jr., a pastor with several celebrity friends, posted a Snapchat of Bieber, 21, and Gomez, 22, hanging out in the same room.

As soon as the video was posted online, social media blew up with speculations that Jelena might be back together and rekindling their love for each other.  And like always there were several blogging sites that added a little bit of spice to this news.

One of the sites who posted about this news was ‘Hollywood Life’. They posted the entire news with a headline ‘Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Why their Church believes that they should be together’.  Apparently a source exclusively told Hollywood life:

“[Justin and Selena’s] pastors are pretty much all married and they married very young. They are very pro-marriage and pro-family and the feeling in that group is that Justin and Selena belong together. Justin has said many many times that he believes Selena is his soul mate, and that isn’t something his pastors take lightly. He has never said anything close about anyone else and Selena has said the same thing in the past. These are his counselors, the people he bares his heart to, and Selena has done the same, so maybe they know best,”

How religious and funny at the same time.

Screenshot (20)

Later a furious Justin Bieber posted this snap on Instagram slamming this rumor and calling the famous website ‘Hollywood Life‘ fake, non real, garbage, outrageous’.

So do you like this side of Justin?


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