Harry Styles Definitely Knows The Benefits Of Sheep Placenta.

 “Perks of sheep placenta”  A book written by Harry Styles.

Harry’s secret to his flawless face is none other than a 90-minute sheep placenta facials by Beverly Hills-based astehetician Louise Deschamps, according to Billboard.

Say whaaat?

Sounds gross, doesn’t it?

A sheep placenta facial  is a mixture with stem cells from the sheep’s placenta that helps plump the skin and stimulate collagen production. While the facial will moisturize and re hydrate the skin overnight, as soon as you leave the office, your skin is supposed to glow and fight off free-radicals from the sun. The facial also includes 24 karat gold in it!

“The sheep placenta extract is the newest and most exciting breakthrough in skincare for a long time. It’s chock-full of nutrients from the placenta, things like growth factors, nutrients, amino acids. It’s completely cruelty-free.” -Dr Annie Chu

Dr. Lancer’s office confirms that no pregnant sheep get hurt in the process. The extract is both organic and filtered.

Depending on the skin care clinic, a treatment like Harry’s does not exactly come cheap – ET confirms that one treatment of sheep cell placenta can run $600.

And I cant even afford a good moisturizer. smh.


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