Youtube Sensation LOHANTHONY Is Gonna Star In A Upcoming Movie.

10170924_639920702803152_4237736542612922830_n-1No this is not a drill. i repeat this is not a drill.

Its real life.

Everyones favourite youtuber Anthony Quintal most commonly known as LOHANTHONY has just announced that he shall be part of a big screen production in his latest youtube video.

And he’s just sixteen. Im nineteen and im still crying because I cant my pencils and pens.

Although no detils wether minor or major were revealed including the movie ttile, Anthony did seem extremely over joyed and excited about his upcoming project.

In his video, he talked about how entertainment and television has been a huge part of his life from a very young age and  the love that he’s developed for his character and how everyday is a different day for him in terms of learning and understanding his character and his peers characters. He also shared bout the downturns of this project as juggling his on-set acting and making YouTube videos is turning out to be quite tiring and  difficult to manage. However, he has assured his viewers that she shall continue trying his level best to stick with his weekly upload schedule as that’s his top priority. Details about the movie shall be revealed in his upcoming videos. Until then all we’ve got to do is head onto twitter and blow his notifications with kind tweets.

As a dedicated viewer Im so proud of Anthony, he has come so far and that swells my heart with joy. I wish him nothing but the best for his upcoming movie and his future projects. He totally deserves this!

Way to go!



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