Niall and Jade- Another ship or wreck?

Celebrities have the unique super power of sending twitter into meltdown through many ways- by either starting a feud, posting a selfie or being spotted with another celebrity of the opposite gender.

Niall Horan of One Direction (21) and Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix (22), were spotted partying last night. Pretty normal dont ya think? Two ex X-factor contestants partying and having a good time. But according to twitter users, this was more than just a hangout.

Anyway Niall was hanging out at Mahiki with his mates – looking like a chimney sweep in a baker boy hat and then Jade and her mum came to join. So lets just keep those romance rumors on the side, shall we?

In a video that was found circulating over twitter and other various social media, Horan and Thirlwall seem to having a fab time and goofing around.

Fans immediately took over twitter and poured out their views and opinion about this matter. And as always, Directioners have the most hilarious and creative tweets.

In a nutshell, Niall- who rocked the chimney sweeper/baker look and Jade- who looked totally adorable in a blue and red printed dress with a signature black clutch  spent the evening doing karaoke and enjoying life.


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