9 things I learnt about having a blog

A Girl In Europe

1) The sad sad sad reality is that the moment you publish something will probably be followed by silence. Internet silence, and you just have to be okay with the fact you’re probably not going to be sprung into internet stardom just because you posted a picture of pug on the Internet. It’s a sad truth.

2) You will find yourself lying in bed about to fall asleep when BAM you just thought of the best blog post ever at which pint it’s okay to wake your boyfriend up to pass you your glasses and your phone to remember it.

3)…more often than not what you wrote down half asleep accidently makes no sense at all at 9 the next morning.

4) you find yourself thinking ‘omg how are my stats’ or ‘I need to post again’ or ‘why don’t know the people on the Internet like me’ during the…

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