The Do’s and Dont’s When Interviewing Zayn Malik Via His Ex PR. Listen To The Clip Now!

zayn-malik-shocked-confusedWhen it comes to interviewing a celebrity, there are a few do’s and dont’s that interviewers are suppose to follow inorder to respect the celeb’s personal life and image and all this in the hands of a publicist better known as a PR.

On the topic of celebrity interviews, have you ever wondered Zayn’s interviewing do’s and dont’s list when he was part of one direction?

In this hilarious and shocking audio clip thats been circulating on a famous blogging siteTumblr, the secret has been reveled and I must say, the do’s-more like dont’s list is rather odd and debatable.

In this audio clip the interviewer- who is being interviewed by  two radio presenters discusses the pre-rituals that need to carried out before interviewing El Maliko, and his hilarious during his interview with Zayn is something to die for.

Hear it now


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