The Girl Behind The Trend #WelcomeBackTo1DZaynMalik Has Been Found!

stream_imgEver since Zayn quit 1D, the world has seen lots of odd and weird hashtags trending either related to Zayn or the band. And the fact that the boys are on a break from the record breaking worldwide stadium On The Road Again Tour, just acts an a catalyst in the whole ‘This fandom is bored. Please start the tour already’ saga.

Today at least a million fan girls must have suffered from a mild heart attacked when #WelcomeBackTo1DZaynMalik was the worldwide trend. Of course, it was just another rumor *sigh*. The twitter user who started this rumor obviously was bombarded with hate and death threats.

But why would she just start such a random trend? Is she okay?

Yes she’s okay and here’s everything you need to know behind the hashtag that sent twitter a break down

Turns out, it was born out of a One Direction documentary that aired on Brazilian TV, with The Telegraph reporting: “This hashtag was linked to #OneDirectionNoMultishow, a reference to the Brazilian TV showMultishow, who ran a One Direction documentary on Sunday night. It was during this clips show that [Twitter user] @LuxoJones claimed that Zayn gave an interview, explaining that he was returning this year.”

The fan later explained why she started the hashtag #WelcomeBackTo1DZayn, writing in a Twitlonger post:

I have been in a fandom for such a long time and each day my level of trust issues keep increasing. Like in the future my child will probably be dying and asking for my help over a phone call and I’ll just laugh out loud and casually slide the issue away as I still spam the boys on twitter to follow me.


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