Zayn Malik Back In One Direction? #WelcomeBackTo1DZayn

According to the twitter trends- yes he is!

But hold on a minute-this is just another one of those filthy and not so funny trends started by Directioners.

Directioners are knows as the kings and queens of social media. They basically run and rule over Twitter. For them trending something and getting it to the #1 Worldwide trend is a cup of tea. But this time, its gone a l’il bit too far.

As much as we want Zayn to return to the band so that everything can get to normal and the band can look and function like it used to before (including Zayn blessing our soul with his holy high notes during live shows), sadly it aint happening.

Luckily, the tour kicks off in less than a week. This means that we’ll have loads of vines consisting of the boys goofing around, HQ pictures capturing perhaps Larry or Lilo moments and maybe we might hear a few new songs, as the boys have added 4 new songs from their album FOUR-perhaps no control?


Meanwhile, the fandom=as always, had hilarious reactions to this hashtag.

Hopefully the tour will eliminate the chances of the fandom trending stuff about such sensitive topics that causes 99% of the fandom to suffer from minor heart attacks and panic attacks

You know the fandom is bored when the worldwide trend is something oddly related to one direction.


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