The best dressed model so far in 2015

Well hello everyone ! I’m the new blogger of this account , Ishika.

My main topic to write on will be fashion

So the first topic is –  “best dressed model so far in 2015”. And so according to all the award ceremonies to the all the festivals now this paticular girl slayed everyone.


This girl right here just started off with her modeling career not even a year ago and she is already slaying the red carpet

It maybe the grammy’s,  the billboards or the Met gala. This Jenner is always wearing the best .She also rocked choachella this year!

Her outfits were on point and were totally chic. She often attends all of these festivals or events with her younger sister Kylie jenner

Kendall’s street style is also very cute and not too much

This 19 year old model carries herself elegantly and in a classy way. The model is obviously rising up in her modeling career even more now

She is currently the model of calvin klein jeans along side with justin bieber

Do you guys agree with me ? Do you think that kendall will be a great supermodel one day ?

well we do !Screenshot_2015-06-03-23-50-28



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