Book of the week: Immortals of Meluha by Amish.

Salutations readers,

Books, they are an essential part of your life. From day one, to the last breath; books hold something always major. Moreover talking about books written solely for the purpose of diving in and get lost in the alternative universe is the best thing happening to humanity.

However, some people find it a job with nails stuck in their feet when they walk around in book stores or rummage through online distributors as to “Which one should I buy?”

So, here I am with my first book suggestion.


The author who shot the bestselling list in his debut book. As thrilling the title sounds, there is no denying fact in the story line being equally spectacular.

The 1974 born banker turned into an amazing author won hearts of millions of readers all across the globe and was translated in about all major Indian languages. Even recently his book two- The secrets of the nagas; was sold in Filipino, conquering hearts.

The book revolves around the lead, Lord Shiva.  The beautifully crafted and intellectually built series of events will leave the readers in awe. (Including myself).

The down to earth author writes with a vast ocean of vocabulary and fabulous pun and satire. In every sentence, being the reader myself my jaw dropped and to save my boom from my drool I had to recover myself. (Joke.)

The three part long tale of the man who became God due to a legend and Shiva’s destiny is the journey one must travel with Amish’s book.

A treat for philosophy lovers and deep thought seekers,  it’s a book for you. History blended with mythology and philosophy and mind blowing writing skills will definitely leave you in a book hangover you’ll never regret.

As the author quotes in his recent live stream,


It is all Lord Shiva’s blessings. It is his story and I am the propagator of his life story and lessons his living engraved in the golden pages of history.

Humble much? Very.

So go ahead guys, grab a nook and sit back relax with a cup of tea, and put your hands on the masterpiece created by one of India’s most legendary authors.

You’ll thank me later.  🙂

Thanks for reading.

Gaganpreet x



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