Discrimination In 2015

By Divyansha Dongre.

Why is math considered more superior than English? Even though, in most of the countries the medium of teaching math is English and textbooks are printed out in English language.

“English is a waste of a subject” he laughed. Fast forward three ,months and he was running back and forth between the head of the English department and the library trying to fine tune his personal statement/essay to be sent to the university and asking his friends who had a good knowledge of English to proof read his work .

Why is a student studying sciences always considered more intellectual and smart than a student studying humanities? The world doesn’t revolve around science related subjects now does it?

Oh she doesn’t have to stress for exams” she complained as she rolled her eyes, “she’s taken those easy subjects like history and stuff like that.”

The society is so quick to judge when A level or SAT scores are out. A person with straight A’s is considered as a smart student with alot of potential. Where as a person with U’s is looked down upon, mocked and is always surrounded with negativity. He/she is never given an opportunity to break thrown the deep dark dungeons of depression and the horrible feeling of failure.

But here’s a question of the day.

Is this student with straight A’s who cannot differentiate between your and you’re or he/she typs lyke tis, has no sense of responsibility, doesn’t understand the bases of feminism nor does have good communication skills both written and oral still smart?

Why do we discriminate between professions and career choices? Medicine, law, engineering are definitely tough career pathways but that doesn’t make them or the person taking those career pathway superior and smarter. “Her career path is a easy one.” she managed to say, as she munched on her packet of potato crisps, “She’s doing fashion or interior designing.”

I’d love to see you hold a paint brush and paint something. Lets see how easy that’s going to be for you.

Its to funny to see that its students who judge other students career- students who haven’t yet embarked on their career pathway or started university level education.

Here’s another question of the day.

Will your degree in mechanical engineering be more powerful and superior than a that of a fashion designer? Even though you’re at home uploading your CV’s online because you’re still unemployed, probably due to your poop written and oral communication skills and that ‘girl with a easy career pathway’ is employed at a high profile company.

Why is a PhD in physics more powerful and commendable than a PhD in English literature. Aren’t they both PhD’s? Arent the length of both course the same?

Why does a class always applaud for the student who answered a really difficult question but not for the student who sits quietly in the corner writing the most beautiful piece of poetry you will ever come across.

The society focuses so much on grades that they often forget that average begins with an A, and excellent begins with an E. We need to stop grouping students as smart or dumb based on sheet of paper. Because that person with an E might just over take you in the whole scheme of life.

If you’re a failure like me. keep your head up and smile about it. That one incident of failure will teach you much more than fifteen occasions of success. Failure is something you cant out-run. Failure is like a common cold- everyone is infected by it once, twice or more than thrice. Failure comes in different packages- academic failure, relationship failure, professional failure etc. If you’re a victim of failure, be proud about it. It will teach you so much about yourself- the extends you can go up to, the limits you can push. It will make you emotionally and mentally stronger. It will teach you so much about how the society runs and also bring out the other side of the people around you. You’ll be shocked. You’ll want to face more failure’s just to learn ore about the people around you. But mostly importantly, it makes you stronger.

If you’re planning to major in History or perhaps explore English literature more. Let no bitch be the boulder in your way. You do your thing. Keep calm, work hard and stay positive and make sure you bitch slap each and every one who mocked your career choice and called you dumb for not studying something related to science. Go out there, write down a best selling book. Throw it on their face when it becomes the New York times best seller and finally, invite them to the red carpet events when your book turns into a motion picture. And laugh like a deal seal!

And finally, here’s something we all need to start doing:

STOP grouping students as smart or dumb. Always remember average begins with an A and excellent begins with an E

STOP grouping subjects as useful or useless subjects. You’ll be shocked how important it is to have a good knowledge of English language. .

STOP pulling down a failure. You’re breaking him/her. He/she is already fragile and doesn’t need your words or judgement s to prick him’her like thorns.

APPRECIATE everyone’s career choice. Not everyone is molded in such a way to become an engineer. Everyone has different interests and abilities. Medicine, law and engineering aren’t the 3 most respectable and well paying jobs.

STOP assuming that a person opt for humanities because he/she must have failed their previous examination.

Start APPRECIATING words and art more than numbers. The earth without art would just be eh.

Thank You!


6 thoughts on “Discrimination In 2015

  1. I have a sister who’s a Metallurgical engineer and grew up as the supreme being bcoz of her straight As. I love her more then anything because even if I’m not on her level I’m silently more happier and honest with my life.


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