Everything You Need To Know About Harry Styles latest Interview.

Harry Styles is soldiering on without Zayn Malik.

What choice does he have, though? The One Direction singer called in to KIIS-FM’s On Air With Ryan Seacrest Thursday to discuss the North American leg of the pop quarter’s tour and their new album, slated for release later this year. So, how is it recording without Malik? “The creative process—it’s very similar to be honest,” he said. “But it was cool how some of the things came out sounding because, actually, there was a lot of parts that kind of needs to get written with Zayn in mind and with all of us in mind. It’s great. The new stuff sounds good so far, I think. I hope. So we hope that people like it.”

In addition to writing songs for 1D’s fifth album, Style has also been making music with Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor. “We all write. We all enjoying writing so much that sometimes you write a song you like that just doesn’t necessarily work. So I think we’re all just having a lot of fun writing,” the 21-year-old lyricist said. “It’s also nice kind of writing from different point of views, and writing for other people is definitely fun.”

Asked if he’s using his own romantic relationships as inspiration, the singer laughed and said, “That’s an inappropriate question! I’m really concentrating on the music right now. So yeah, I’m just doing that. I don’t really have time for any of those things, Ryan.”

Styles was equally evasive when asked about rumors that he plans to go solo.

“We have the album and the tour that we’re working on right now. I think when you have so many goals that you feel like you have yet to achieve, it’s hard to kind of see past those,” he said without giving Ryan Seacrest a firm yes or no answer. “It’s important to kind of focus on what’s going on and don’t kind of lose track. So we’re all working hard towards the same thing right now, and I don’t think we’re thinking much past that. I think we’re just having a lot of fun and we’re working hard and we’re having a good time.”

Seacrest lightened the mood by asking Styles to confirm a deny a report that claimed he had spent $600 for a sheep placenta facial that includes 24-karat gold. “See, this is very strange because it never happened!” Styles said, recalling that his sister sent him the article and asked him what he was doing, to which he replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

So, how does Styles maintain his healthy glow?

“I wash my face, but I don’t use any part of sheep, I don’t think.”

Listen to the interview here

Part 1

Part 2


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