Popular hairstyle for college girls

Hey guys!! This is Sagarika but you can also call me Lisa. I’m the new blogger and co-blogging with this amazing girl Divyansa.

All my future blogs will be on Beauty and DIY’s. Cool Stuff. Isn’t it??

As you all know, girls attending college are among the best dressed, the reasons may be many; they are possibly the consistently best dressed people on the world. They are young, beautiful and at the threshold of a new beginning. Their love to experiment is what gets them the title of best dressed. This phase of life molds them into confident young women.

I listed out 5 popular hairstyle for college girls which you can try out for your daily routine.

1. Fringed Bob:

This eccentric bob is the latest from Taylor swift. The hairdo is a fresh update on the blunt bob chic and stylish. You can sport this to the college.

Tay Sizzle

2. Side Part Blonde:

The side part ponytail is blonde hued and very edgy. The style is short and neat, it’s again a versatile hairdo. The short hair is calmed using a good hair product or serum which gives a new essence to the hairdo.

3. Side Bangs:

The ponytail gives an edgy appeal with the thick side bangs. The long bangs extend up to the chin on one side of the face and the style is very upscale. Right if you are the crowd puller!

4. Puffed Ponytail:

The edgy puffy ponytail has a messy essence to it with ombre hues. But the style is just right if you have the rock star attitude.

5. Fish Braid with Side Part:

The fish braid is chic and stylish with a very trendy and young vibe. The long braid looks interesting and pretty with a small side part.

I have listed out 5 popular hairstyle for college girls. If you have suggestion, feel free to comment below. 



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