How to dress if you are fat or over weight

Being overweight doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous! Let me tell you a truth about myself, I’m not slim like my friends. In last 3 months, I have gain weigh. I was never slim like all my friends . I was your average looking girl who used to have confidence, even though I wasn’t slim.All my class mates used to mock and called me names behind my back but i just ‘shake it off’. Even my friends had a nickname for me because I was fat. But the good thing was that I was one of the popular students in my school. See, being fat/ over weight doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable, popular or smart.

Present scenario is that I have gained more weight than before and my mum and always always mock me and call me names which make me feel so unattractive and I have lose my confidence 😦 and believe me, there are many girls out there who feels the same. Last month, I went to my ancestral house and met my relatives after 2 years and the first thing they said, ” Beta, you have became so fat and chubby *laugh* “ Fuck you, I don’t care. I’m fucking awesome. I’m not fat. It just awesomeness swelling inside me. 

So, back to the topic. Being overweight doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous! All it takes is a little know-how and a healthy dose of confidence. Looking good is not about the number on your clothing tags, but about dressing yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable and shows off your features. It’s time to use fashion to make the most of your curves.

1. Know the basics of how to accentuate or hide certain areas of your body.

The colors, cut and patterns you wear can draw people’s eyes toward or away from your figure.         Here are some basics:
Dark colors hide, while light colors highlight. So if you like your waist, wear a light belt over a dark shirt. If you want to hide your bottom half, wear dark pants and a lighter top.
Big patterns will make you look bigger, while small patterns can make you look smaller.

2.Do not settle for less than fashionable clothes .

Yes, it is harder to dress in the latest styles when designers base their designs around scrawny models. However, many designers are now taking plus-sized women into account.

Avoid horizontal stripes. Stripes are okay on plus size clothing if they are diagonal or vertical. If you want to look larger in the bust area, horizontal stripes will enhance the bustline.

Be very careful with leggings. For some women, a long shirt or dress with leggings is a slimming and fashionable look. However, if you have larger hips, thighs, or bottom, it can look awful.

For women, skip spaghetti-strap or halter tops. You’ll want your shirt to cover your bra straps, and they might be wide.

Wear full-length cardigans and jackets – don’t opt for cropped lengths.

3.Get several pairs of opaque tights.

They smooth out the line from the waist to the knee, and ensure there’s no chafing if you’re rushing around in the warm.

4. Choose your bottom half.
a.Pears should avoid trousers unless they are doing the gardening, and favour calf-length skirts, either A-line or gathered to a dropped waistband. Pears should avoid full-length skirts, which carry the broadness of the hips right down to the floor, and give the impression of a walking door.

b.Apples should wear a nicely-tailored pair of trousers (without pleats at the waistband, which add bulk to the stomach), well-fitting jeans, or pencil skirts that fall to just below the knee.

5.Choose your top half.
a.Pears should wear a top that reaches far enough down the body not to ride up when the arms are raised, and that fit well to display a small waist. A cardigan with one or two buttons done up over a pretty vest, a fitted shirt, or a snug jersey top with a deep V neck all look fabulous with a calf-length skirt.
b.Apples should wear some of the beautiful smocks and tunics that are in fashion at the moment. The gorgeous colours and swathes of fabric do a marvellous job of covering up any rolls or bulk around the stomach area, and leave slender legs looking even better in snug jeans, trousers, or sturdy leggings

6.Add accessories and shoes.

There is no excuse for an overweight woman not to have a wardrobe full of the most beautiful and unusual accessories around. Very slim women are often swamped by some of the most extravagant jewelry that look wonderful on bigger women. The fashion for large chunky beads is useful – you should avoid delicate diamond jewellery. Not only is it naff, it will be entirely lost on you. A big bag can make you look smaller, simply by not appearing tiny next to your bottom. 2 or 3 chunky bangles will make a plump wrist appear slender. Wearing long dangly earrings will elongate the neck.
Pears should have a supply of boots – Evans is the best shop for wide-fitting calves. A good pair of boots makes wearing a skirts a positive joy.
Apples can wear kitten heels or stilettos. Pears, with their heavy legs and ankles, should avoid at all costs: it merely looks as if you are about to fall over, or sink into the floor. A wedge heel, on the other hand, looks marvelous, however stout your legs are.

Last but not least, be confidence in how you look. CONFIDENCE is the new normal. Make this your motto. You are you for a reason and no one can take that away from you. I am sure you look beautiful anyway but try some of the tips above to go all out.

Some other tips:

  • Life is too short to be miserable. Everyone has flaws. Your appearance means a lot more than your size, so embrace yourself and always wear a smile!
  • Don’t wear clothing that is too tight/small. It will make you look even bigger. But at the same time, don’t wear clothes that are too baggy.
  • Be well groomed. A size 20 woman who smells discreetly of Chanel, has a lovely manicure, sits elegantly, and sports a lush, glossy head of hair, will win out every time over a skinny girl who looks like she needs a shower.
  • Stand straight and walk with grace. Walking with your head down and stomping heavily will only make you radiate your thickness.
  • Remember, it’s the inside that counts. Learn to love yourself first and the outfit is the icing on the cake.

This is my cue to say adios till tomorrow. I hope, you like this blog post. I love you all. Fat or not, you are still beautiful babe. xoxo



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