10 memes about Zayn Malik’s green hair that had us laughing

Directioners, you can love them, you can hate them, but you can never ignore them. Say something about their boys and they will insult you back, figure out your life history, make you famous on twitter, embarass you till your own mother starts laughing at you( reminds me of a boy who is naughty and looks like a burrito) and kill you. Okay maybe they won’t kill you but you get the point. No one can insult their boys except they themselves. And of course they made the best use of their photoshop skills when Zayn Malik dyed (is this how you spell it? ) his hair green . So following is the compilation of the best pictures circulating over the internet about Mr. Perfect’s hair.


There is none.


He still looks cute, to be honest.


Admit it. You laughed. Admit it.


It all makes sense now.


Oh well.


Who did this?? I want to find them and give them a noble prize.




Did they plan this??


Oh, how happy shrek looks.


The weed has gotten to his head. *laughs like a maniac*

Zayn and Ferb are pretty much the only people you can look this good with green hair.
In all seriousness, we respect his decision eventhough we took some time to get over the shock. Don’t we directioners??
And the colour is temporary for those who still are worried.


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