Dumb fanfic moments.

Just admit this, we all read fan fictions no matter what. The one direction and 5sos fam comprise of world’s best and worst stories. Well being mostly in one direction fandom, I came across some too dumb moments making me go WTF? 

(This blog is for fun, no particular story or anything is pointed. Its just my conclusion after reading a loads of similar fan fictions by my fellow mates.)

1. The book title.

Major issues here. Either the title is so big, it’s hard to remember. Or it’s a word too complex specially chosen from dictionary; it’s too hard to remember again.

2. Name of the girl.

It is always either Kylie, Mia, Rose, Amber, Ashely….. Y/N.
And is always played by Barbara Palvin or Victoria Justice.

Just stahp!!! K?

3.  Coffee spills. 

She happens to spill coffee or her overly exaggerated frappe on the Harry, who also happens to be roaming freely without any guards. Moreover, no one recognises him.

Seems like everyone is either fools or too nonchalant about their surroundings.

4.  She is snatched away from streets or is accommodated by band members.
Rose’s POV

I was sitting on the side walk, my hands pale and breathing short. I was hungry since last week and idk how I survived.

But out of the vanity, I saw this glistening boot. I looked and and gasped to see God himself. But regained my posture and stared deep in the oceans of his blue orbs.

“Do you have a home?” He growled. And I felt sparks inside my body….

FYI,  she is hungry and homeless. Then Niall Horan, CEO of Horan Enterprises comes out of the blue and gets interested in the hobo look this girl is having.

I mean Y u do tis 2 meh?  Huh? 

5. Apologies always ends like BOOM! 

“I hate you! You’ve been cheating with me on my best friend.” Mia screeched, drowning in her tears.

“But I got you Nandos from my last coupon left.” His eyes almost watered and looked pleading in to my orbs.

“Fine.” She raises her hands defensively. “Where is the food?” She asks.

“Oh baby I love you so much.” Niall wrapped his arm around her waist and smashed his lips on her.

I guess this needs no explanation.  -.-+


For the sake of humanity,  it’s 2015. Zayn is not in the band anymore and Niall still has this appetite of a whale. Louis munches all day on carrots. Liam is still afraid of spoons. Harry has brown luscious chocolate curls and Zayn is still self obsessed with mirror in his back pocket.


7. Her dressing sense.

‘I decided to go in my 13×15 walk in closet and rummaged out a high waisted shorts with a black tank top and a crop top. I also pull my hair in a messy bun. And put a flower crown on her brown luscious locks.

Way to go basic and simple. -.-

8. Dark HARRY. 

Everything he does is darkly.

“He stared at me darkly.”
“He chuckled darkly.”
“He texted darkly.”
“He farted darkly.”
“He burnt me darkly.”
“He walked darkly.”
“He tied his shoes darkly.”

Me- “………….”

9. 50 shades of…………

The title is 50 shades of Zayn/ Harry / Liam / Louis/ Niall.

Same story. Same desk. Same everything. 

Reads?  4551561611717
Votes? 6551617191

10. “My eyes flutter open… ”

“The hot water cascaded down my creamy, soft and buttery body. ”

Who are you?

“My eyes flutter open as I found do myself on the same bed I was last night.”


Well never be royals… royaalllllls. 


I hope you enjoyed the dumb moments. Again, it’s not a reference to any book, just a collection of facts I got by reading all of them. 

Keep your eyes on the next blog for more DUMB FANFIC MOMENTS.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

Gaganpreet x

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