Liam Payne is loving singing Zayn Malik’s parts on One Direction tour

Liam Payne isn’t missing Zayn Malik too much it seems, as he’s getting to sing his parts on the One Direction tour.

When asked about Zayn, Liam commented on how they were coping without him on stage.

‘Obviously he’s got a great voice,’the boybander said, ‘But his parts are fun to sing. I like doing all the high bits’.

The band also denied rumours that they are taking a break or in fact breaking up following Zayn Malik’s departure.

‘I don’t know where that has come from. We’ve got loads of stuff going on, we’ve just finished a new one [album]. It’s the start of the process, the recording a new album,’ said Liam Payne.

‘There’s the tour going on. There are some great songs [on the album], we won’t be going anywhere.’

And sorry X Factor fans, Louis Tomlinson isn’t returning to the show as a judge.

The One Direction star said at the Capital FM Summertime Ball on Saturday that he is just far too busy.

‘I’ve got a tour to do, so unfortunately not. No,’ Louis said.

Fans have commented about the set list at their recent concerts, and the band – including Harry Styles and Niall Horan – were clear about why they are holding back new material.

‘We’ve just been rehearsing the new songs that are going to come in. We wanna give it some time. We want to get it right. Get it right emotionally and it all arrives somewhere.’

Watch One Direction’s Capital Summertime Ball 2015 performances here


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