Get the look: Eleanor Calder

If you don’t know who Eleanor Calder is. Then, you, my friend are living under a huge rock. She used to date Louis Tomlinson. Don’t you know who he is? One Direction. You don’t what they are? Somethings wrong with ya.

Anyways, I’m not here to discuss her ex-boyfriend, I’m here to discuss her beauty make up and style. I love it. It’s the perfect combination of London street style and sophistication. And truth be told, if you’ve got the makeup and hair down you’re already halfway there.

Eye makeup: Eyeliner + Mascara! Line on your upper eyelid 3/4 starting from the outer corner of the eye. Always remember to keep the line thicker towards the outer corner. (sometimes she also lines underneath her eye but never all the way. usually she’ll go halfway)

Lips: keep it low key and natural using a shade of light pink.

Foundation: Depending on your skin this is different for everyone. What your aiming for is a flawless skin that appears like you’re not wearing any makeup at all. Go to a makeup store and get advice. Some people are even better avoiding foundation.

Blush: not necessary. Some light pink on your cheeks perhaps.

Hair: Her curls are drop dead gorgeous. The key is that they look natural yet they clearly aren’t. Because who’s born with that kind of perfect hair. When you use your curling iron the trick is to roll up the curls differently so they don’t stick together. they have to be a bit messy. So yes, what we’re going for here are perfect messy curls. Eekks!!! PERF!!


Eleanor’s dressing style is simple yet elegant. You’ll often find her in Topshop clothes like the T-shirt. FYI, Eleanor doesn’t show too much cleavage or wear very short skirts/shorts… In that way she’s sophisticated.

She enjoys wearing classy things such as shirts, trench coats… and at the same time also goes more street cool in a printed T-shirt and a beenie.

I’ve found pictures of her in a pair of boyfriend jeans, but her favorite still seems to be dark skinny jeans. You can pair them with everything, they can be a part of a cool street style outfit or a contribution to a classy outfit.

So, this is it peeps. Did you  like this article??? Isn’t El a cutie??? I love her sense of fashion soooo much ❤



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