Get the look: Sophia Smith Style

Sophia Smith “get the look” on “Class of 92” London Premiere on the 1st of December.

                                                     Sophiam ❤

To achieve Sophia’s look, follow these steps:

1– To get your skin ready for the make up, make sure you apply some primer (I recommend smashbox because it is so light and is transparent)

2- Once your primer is set, apply your foundation in circular motions with a brush. (I recommend the Make up For ever because it is perfect as it is HD and your skin will look perfect in pictures!)

3– After the foundation, get a bigger brush and apply translucent powder or if you prefer, a coloured one but make sure it is close to your skin colour. (You can get any you want or just the one that adapts to your skin because even a Maybelline powder is good!)

4– To complete the face make up, to add a little contouring and colour, you want to make sure you apply some blush. To get Sophia’s look, you will only need to apply it to the apples of your cheek very lightly. (For this, I recommend NARS because it is just amazing and it looks pretty close to Sophia’s colour)

5– For the eyes, Sophia was wearing a smoke eye which was beautifully done. For that, you may use separate colors but if you prefer you may use a Smokey eye palette. (I recommend Topshop Smokey Eye palette which is good and the price is very affordable).

6– After your eye shadow, make sure you add an eyebrow pencil or palette on them to shape your face and make your eyes also stand out. On the eyebrows, you have to make sure you don’t add ANY colour, make sure you use a colour that matches closely to your hair for a natural look. (With that, I recommend the Shisiedo eyebrow styling palette because it has different shades and it is so good!)

7– A girl can never go out without mascara right?! Sophia, on this event, was wearing little mascara yet, it looked very natural and effective. I think she done that to make her eye stand out.

8– To completely finish your look, and the last step you will do, is the lipstick. Sophia was wearing a peachy/nude color just to not go plain, yet, she didn’t go outrageous with like a red or a pink. (With that, I recommend Mac Tanarama lipstick for that exact effect).


Love Sophia’s style!!! I will do a post on Eleanor Calder Style too. 






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