Oh No Tyler. Youtube sensation offends one direction fans.

Looks like our little Tyler Oakley with a cute little laugh has gotten himself in trouble yet again. “History repeats itself” it’s not just a saying now is it??? It all started on a peaceful (okay, as peaceful as it gets for us directioners) saturday. It was all good in the hood. But then something happened, something big (I’ll stop with the exaggeration already). Tyler Oakley’s fellow follower decided that she should point out the fact that the Liam Payne (yes, I used “the”) is following Tyler on twitter but the youtube star is not reversing the action.


Tyler’s reply was “it’s important to keep my timeline flawfree” and lets just say, it was not much appreciated by the directioners



Directioners immediately came to the singer’s defence and started trending #liamdefencesquad on twitter. Instagram, facebook and twitter were all bombarded with  memes.


The directioner world had faced a similar scenario last year when Tyler attacked liam for supporting Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson. It had resulted in Liam taking a break from his twitter account for a while.

But it seems as though Tyler’s grudge dosen’t extent to the other members of one direction as he was seen appreciating Niall Horan and some singles by the band in some tweets through his twitter account.

So speak up people. Think the directioners are overreacting?? Think Tyler deserved it?? Think obama should send one direction to India already??
Comment below.


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