Salutations readers,

You saw the change in title? Yes. This time I’m gonna bring you two marvelous pieces of writing. The authors are just fresh to the arena of  writing books and manipulating thoughts into words that’d touch hearts with no fears, but are excelling in what they are doing.

So for this week, we have two young Lebanese friends— Luther J. Kanso and Nour El Zouheiry .

So keep yourself braced because when I start with these two, I’m never gonna stop. The wattpad authors deserve more than they are getting at the moment because of the charming work that can lure anyone to believe in love.

No one understands love better than these two at such a ripe age, the manner their words cause infatuation to everyone around you, the flow they drive you in the story, it’s absolutely the best I’ve ever read. Therefore let me tell you why you should definitely read these books, I swear you’ll never regret it.

My name is Raquel – By Nour Zheiry.


The book is set in two different time phases and has a perfectly crafted story with amazing plot. The 21 year old author who loves Starbucks more than anything has written this lovely work with amazing vocabulary and smooth flow if language.

If you love philosophy, then it’s something you need to read it like right now! Different emotions and it’s meaning is what I learnt in her books. The main lead Raquel Krouse is the finest character someone could posses with finer character of Zayn Malik. (Its not a fan fiction.)


Based on the real life events in the Lebanese society, this story aims on the fulfilment of love and the value of it, without the restrictions of any caste or race.

Nice thoughts, aren’t they? 

With over 55,000 reads over wattpad, the humbleness never gets unnoticed.

So, quickly log in your wattpad and add this book to your reading list already because this book is something that’ll stay in your heart forever.

P.S. ZAQUEL IS MY LIFE. I luxury cruise them with so much love. 

Once upon a Wednesday – By Luther J. Kanso.

Well,this lad got some secret laboratory where he makes a position of all the pages from a dictionary and becomes a hulk with lots of words. 

His words are his strength. Having a huge ocean of knowledge in English vocabulary, even more than English teachers at my school; makes him stand out of the crowd.


Crush?  What is it?

This 18 year old author will explain you so well through his book Once upon a Wednesday. The heartbreaking story of the guy who is in love with her best friend since childhood will make your heart go batsh*t crazy in love with the lead’s character.

The intriguing style if writing leaves the reader crave for more, the pain is actually real in the words.

Filled with spectacular pun, humour and mainly emotion, this book is something no one will ever regret.


One of the many quotes from such a marvelous book is so good, it’s bad. With over 24,000+ reads, his writing style will addict you.

So again the drill is all you know, add this book in your wattpad library and enjoy the story of Theodore, the guy who’s crush is something he never seems to get enough of.



I would suggest everyone to read them because famous authors are people who have goodwill with talent. However, I would curse my life if they weren’t included in my book suggestions.

Hope you enjoy your week and read a lot more. x

Gaganpreet x

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