Get The Look: Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards is a member of the British four piece girl Little Mix. Not only she’s a talented singer but also she is engaged to former One Direction member Zayn Malik. Perrie  always wows us with her make-up looks, whether she’s sporting vampy lips with mascara or a smoky eye with a nude pout.

Perrie reveals in on her secret weapons for flawless skin, plus the celebrity fragrance she can’t live without!

Perrie Says,

I think I went for what I would wear myself. So obviously in the nighttime I like a good smoky eye, and I love a nude lip with a bit of pink on my cheeks just to make the rest of my face quite nude, whereas my eyes are more ‘out there’.

And then during the day I like not much on my eyes, so that’s why I have those subtle colours in the eyeshadow palette just for my eyes, then to lift them with the mascara that we picked and then my purple lip.

The product I can’t live without is Lancôme skincare, that’s what I use. I try to use the same thing over and over otherwise my skin gets a bit funny. So every night I use the moisturiser. I take my make-up off then I use the eye make-up remover, then I tone and then I moisturise after. So it’s a good routine but if I forget I feel really spotty.

In the summer I like all the light colours, the nice bright lips. In the summer you can be really fun with it. Then in the winter I love dark lips. My purple lips would be perfect around Christmas with a nice jumper and a little white hat. It would look cute, I like winter and all the autumn clothes.

My favorite perfume is  Christina Aguilera Eau de Parfum, £19 for 30ml, because that’s what everyone says I smell nice wearing, so I stick to the same one. I don’t trust anything else.

How to makeup like Perrie Edwards:

  • Start off with a full coverage foundation to give your skin a flawless, matte finish. Perrie’s makeup artist says that she wears Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua compact for red carpet events or just to look especially glam.
  • Use an eyebrow pencil to define and shape your eyebrows. Perrie uses a light brown color to match her blonde hair.
  • Use a brightening concealor (or any shade lighter than your natural skin tone) under your eyes to make your eyes look more awake and fresh, but don’t over apply or it’ll look cakey and unnatural.
  • For the cheeks, Perrie doesn’t go for a bronzed look and instead uses blush only. Choose a bright pink blush and apply it gingerly to the apples of your cheeks and blend it in so it doesn’t clash with your lipstick.
  • On top of the cheekbones, use a highlighting powder to give your face a pretty glow.For lips, use a hot pink lipstick. It would look best if it were in a matte formula.
  • For eyeshadow, use a beige/white color on the inner corners, a neutral matte tan color on the entire lids, and a matte brown in the crease to add depth to your eyes. Use the same highlighter that you used on your cheekbones on your browbone to make your brows look lifted and more arched.
  • Then go in with a black gel eyeliner and apply it to the lash line in a fairly generous manner, make a wing at the edge of your eye pointing upwards to create a cat eye effect.
  • Then apply fake black eyelashes, which Perrie is known for wearing all the time. According to her makeup artist, her favorite are Eylure Katy Perry Lashes. Use mascara over top for added drama and mascara on the bottom lashes as well.
  • To finish off the look, glide a black (or brown) eyeliner along the waterline. The look is now complete ❤

I hope you like this edition of Get the Look: Perrie Edward Edition



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