Funny situations every book lover will encounter.

Passion for books, a crazy infatuation, a lovely feeling. Every book holds a new meaning for us, every new word we read takes us to a place which even though is hypothetical but is the place everyone wishes they live in. 

But sometimes, we bibliophiles take our passions to an extreme level. Levels that’ll only be regarded as insane in the eyes of normal humans.

But who cares? It is our kind of guilty pleasure!  Here are a few points every person with a craaazyyyy love for reading will relate to…

1. We sometimes compare our friends and family to fictional characters.

Moreover, we end up leaving people who don’t match our expectations of an ideal character. Sad part is, they are no where to be found. 😥 

2. Bookstores are just a finger away from heavens.

The smell of books and paperbacks! The pages all from yellow to white, the book covers, thousands of stories placed in a single place is like everything you need in a day.

And lots of books for sale!!
*faints *

3. We buy books instead of clothes.

Every single time, whilst walking through a mall; Our eyes will roam around a book store even though Forever 21 store is having a huge clearance sale! We’ll buy books instead of makeup with the money we get. Its just our thing and we are not guilty.

4.  Book hangovers.

That moment when you turn the last page of the book, either in tears or with a heavy heart with a sigh. And the next few days are like a living hell because you can’t function in real world. You zone out or replay things in your head, and cry because it was the vest book you’ve ever read!!

5.  Our library is a collection of diverse books.

Read books, unread books, favourite books, books you regretted and so many books you bought but will never read. This is life.

6. Even small things related to books gives us happiness.

From bookmarks to our favourite author’s book release, you seem to enjoy it with all you have. People think it’s just a mere passion of days, but you got us wrong.

We never get over a passion for books.

7. Sometimes books over relationships.

I, personally had declined two offers for a relationship because the guys thought reading was boring. I still remember him while buying books. 😂

Books before misters, girls. 😉

8.  Our luggage is heavier than usual because books.

We refuse to travel if don’t carry a book or two along because

A- it avoids unwanted conversations in public.

B- will always entertain you and never walk away.



9.  We often skip homework and even school because we are reading a good book.

Every single time. We can’t seem to get our hands off it and it’s like a drug, driving in and making us crave more.
A fun fact too, that we read in record pace when a serious scene is going on. 😝


And john says it right!! 

10. And lastly, no matter how much criticism we get. We’ll never stop loving the euphoria literature gives us.



Gaganpreet x

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