Book of the week- Scion of Ikshvaku


This week we have one of the best authors in Indian pop literature, about whom we’d talked a few blogs back. Yes, we are talking about Amish Tripathi again.

The newest arrival counts his debut in the Ram Chandra Series book one, SCION OF IKSHVAKU. The intriguing manner his tales are told is one of the beat thing happening in today’s date. Many of us might not remember what our grand dads once told about Indian legends.


However, he is here to convey his words in the form of an all new book series. Scion of Ikshvaku has ranked as number one in the Hindustan Times best seller books in the category of ‘fiction’

Grab your copy soon because this is something you just can’t miss, when such a great author has published such an amazing book.


Kudos to Amish, and his lovely work. 😄 Buy it on and read it. Because I said so. (Jokes.)

Gaganpreet x


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