Is Scott going overboard with his PDA?

Scott disick the handsome hunk who’s the husband of the famous kourtney kardashian and the father of 3
Was recently spotted with model chloe who is supposedly his ex engaging in PDA with her !
Do you think he is going overboard?
Well the kardashian’s definitely think so.
Kourtney is sure that Scott hooked up with model chloe without her presence
An insider states that kourtney is ‘devastated’ over the pictures and hasn’t been talking to Scott since days !
She’s been really depressed but is trying to be strong for her kids but is loosing control
Khloe took over instagram showing her support for kourtney !

She uploaded the picture right after the pictures of scott were leaked
She called kourtney her ‘ace’
Consedence much ?
Guess not

Do you think Scott needs to explain himself to kourtney?
Do you think kourtney will take Scott back ?
Comment about what you think






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