Watch “Colleen and Joshua’s Wedding” on YouTube

Eighteen minutes and twenty two seconds. That is how long Colleen Ballinger ,more popularly known as Miranda Sings, took to make all her viewers cry tears of joy. She uploaded the sweetest video on her channel, PyshycoSeprona, of her wedding with Joshua Evans, her former boyfriend and a vlogger by proffession. Josh proposed to Colleen on April 5th which had all of her fans dying of excitement. Imagine their reaction when they actually got married (hint:it involved tears, a lot of them). It was a perfect beach wedding of two perfect people. The couple exchanged the most amazing vows and were seen with misty eyes at several occasions.Some youtubers like Jenna Marbles and Glozell had also attended the wedding. The ceremony ended with a perfect kiss and the video even shows footage of the after party, where some of the couple’s near and dear ones were seen making emotional speech. All in all, it was pretty much a fairyrale wedding. We wish the newly wed a very happy married life and a bunch load of joy.


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