Beauty Hacks using Vaseline

Vaseline is a petroleum-based gel commonly used in home remedies, beauty routines, and in a variety of household projects. While there are a lot of misconceptions about what Vaseline is and isn’t good for, learning when it’s appropriate and when it’s inappropriate to use Vaseline will make sure you get all the benefits and none […]

Welcome To The World of Drama, Juicy Gossip and Diva’s.

“Always classy, never crappy and just a l’il bit sassy” Salutations! Welcome to Dramedy Diva- your one blog stop for all the news from the teletastic world to the juicy gossip circulating in the tinsel town. Im Divyansha Dongre- A nineteen year old pop culture enthusiast and also your tour guide for giving you all […]

Popular hairstyle for college girls

Hey guys!! This is Sagarika but you can also call me Lisa. I’m the new blogger and co-blogging with this amazing girl Divyansa. All my future blogs will be on Beauty and DIY’s. Cool Stuff. Isn’t it?? As you all know, girls attending college are among the best dressed, the reasons may be many; they […]

Meet Your Bloggers.

Name– Divyansha Dongre-  The pop culture enthusiast (Administrator)     Age– 19 Country-Kenya                          Hey there! So im the founder of this blog- even though im not Beyonce when it comes to blogging (Yes, you read it right. I used Beyonce as an adjective).  In fact, […]


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Homemade deodorant using coconut oil

Yes. You read the title right. Let’s be clear: I don’t typically run around my kitchen wiping random products from my cupboard on my underarms in hopes of something magical happening.You see, I’m very particular when it comes to my underarms. I like them to be soft, hair-free and un-smelly. Clearly, I’m not alone in my […]