Book of the week- Scion of Ikshvaku


This week we have one of the best authors in Indian pop literature, about whom we’d talked a few blogs back. Yes, we are talking about Amish Tripathi again.

The newest arrival counts his debut in the Ram Chandra Series book one, SCION OF IKSHVAKU. The intriguing manner his tales are told is one of the beat thing happening in today’s date. Many of us might not remember what our grand dads once told about Indian legends.


However, he is here to convey his words in the form of an all new book series. Scion of Ikshvaku has ranked as number one in the Hindustan Times best seller books in the category of ‘fiction’

Grab your copy soon because this is something you just can’t miss, when such a great author has published such an amazing book.


Kudos to Amish, and his lovely work. 😄 Buy it on and read it. Because I said so. (Jokes.)

Gaganpreet x


Funny situations every book lover will encounter.

Passion for books, a crazy infatuation, a lovely feeling. Every book holds a new meaning for us, every new word we read takes us to a place which even though is hypothetical but is the place everyone wishes they live in. 

But sometimes, we bibliophiles take our passions to an extreme level. Levels that’ll only be regarded as insane in the eyes of normal humans.

But who cares? It is our kind of guilty pleasure!  Here are a few points every person with a craaazyyyy love for reading will relate to…

1. We sometimes compare our friends and family to fictional characters.

Moreover, we end up leaving people who don’t match our expectations of an ideal character. Sad part is, they are no where to be found. 😥 

2. Bookstores are just a finger away from heavens.

The smell of books and paperbacks! The pages all from yellow to white, the book covers, thousands of stories placed in a single place is like everything you need in a day.

And lots of books for sale!!
*faints *

3. We buy books instead of clothes.

Every single time, whilst walking through a mall; Our eyes will roam around a book store even though Forever 21 store is having a huge clearance sale! We’ll buy books instead of makeup with the money we get. Its just our thing and we are not guilty.

4.  Book hangovers.

That moment when you turn the last page of the book, either in tears or with a heavy heart with a sigh. And the next few days are like a living hell because you can’t function in real world. You zone out or replay things in your head, and cry because it was the vest book you’ve ever read!!

5.  Our library is a collection of diverse books.

Read books, unread books, favourite books, books you regretted and so many books you bought but will never read. This is life.

6. Even small things related to books gives us happiness.

From bookmarks to our favourite author’s book release, you seem to enjoy it with all you have. People think it’s just a mere passion of days, but you got us wrong.

We never get over a passion for books.

7. Sometimes books over relationships.

I, personally had declined two offers for a relationship because the guys thought reading was boring. I still remember him while buying books. 😂

Books before misters, girls. 😉

8.  Our luggage is heavier than usual because books.

We refuse to travel if don’t carry a book or two along because

A- it avoids unwanted conversations in public.

B- will always entertain you and never walk away.



9.  We often skip homework and even school because we are reading a good book.

Every single time. We can’t seem to get our hands off it and it’s like a drug, driving in and making us crave more.
A fun fact too, that we read in record pace when a serious scene is going on. 😝


And john says it right!! 

10. And lastly, no matter how much criticism we get. We’ll never stop loving the euphoria literature gives us.



Gaganpreet x

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Ugly love – Colleen Hoover


One of the most awaited movies of 2016 Ugly love movie, has its teaser out a few weeks back, but the curiosity is still high a blimp.

The movie adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s book, Ugly love is one of the books and movies one should watch and never forget.

The American author who loves diet coke more than anything in the world is set to get her book performed live in our eyes.

Nick Bateman *dreamy face* who is originally a model is GOING TO BE MILES ARCHER. *fangirls *

The hot actor and model is everything we need for the character if the HOTTEST MILES ARCHER. I swear,.if you haven’t read the book then stop right here and read it and then join back.

Personally being my favorite author of all time, she writes in such passion and love, one is always like “OMG I need that dude already!!!! ”





The story revolves around Tate and Miles Archer, the lovers they never wanted to be. The sister of a pilot tries hard not to fall in love with the captain Miles in American airlines, who already fights his demons from past.



Anything FOR MILES ARCHER. He will make you hate him, love him even more and make you spit profanity to him but he is everything you’ll need.

The major and most beautiful quotes from the book are too mesmerizing, they pierce straight through your heart.

Love isn’t always pretty. Sometimes you spend all your time hoping it’ll eventually be something different. Something better. Then, before you know it, you’re back to square one, and you lost your heart somewhere all the way.


Hot – check
Romance – check
Funny – check
Emotional – check
Different- check
MILES ARCHER- everything


Well I hope you read the book, because if you don’t, then I don’t know what you’ll do ahead in your life.

And of course some books leave you like this. 👇👇


This is the one.

So get your copy and read another spectacular novel by the lovely Colleen Hoover. 

Gaganpreet x

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Salutations readers,

You saw the change in title? Yes. This time I’m gonna bring you two marvelous pieces of writing. The authors are just fresh to the arena of  writing books and manipulating thoughts into words that’d touch hearts with no fears, but are excelling in what they are doing.

So for this week, we have two young Lebanese friends— Luther J. Kanso and Nour El Zouheiry .

So keep yourself braced because when I start with these two, I’m never gonna stop. The wattpad authors deserve more than they are getting at the moment because of the charming work that can lure anyone to believe in love.

No one understands love better than these two at such a ripe age, the manner their words cause infatuation to everyone around you, the flow they drive you in the story, it’s absolutely the best I’ve ever read. Therefore let me tell you why you should definitely read these books, I swear you’ll never regret it.

My name is Raquel – By Nour Zheiry.


The book is set in two different time phases and has a perfectly crafted story with amazing plot. The 21 year old author who loves Starbucks more than anything has written this lovely work with amazing vocabulary and smooth flow if language.

If you love philosophy, then it’s something you need to read it like right now! Different emotions and it’s meaning is what I learnt in her books. The main lead Raquel Krouse is the finest character someone could posses with finer character of Zayn Malik. (Its not a fan fiction.)


Based on the real life events in the Lebanese society, this story aims on the fulfilment of love and the value of it, without the restrictions of any caste or race.

Nice thoughts, aren’t they? 

With over 55,000 reads over wattpad, the humbleness never gets unnoticed.

So, quickly log in your wattpad and add this book to your reading list already because this book is something that’ll stay in your heart forever.

P.S. ZAQUEL IS MY LIFE. I luxury cruise them with so much love. 

Once upon a Wednesday – By Luther J. Kanso.

Well,this lad got some secret laboratory where he makes a position of all the pages from a dictionary and becomes a hulk with lots of words. 

His words are his strength. Having a huge ocean of knowledge in English vocabulary, even more than English teachers at my school; makes him stand out of the crowd.


Crush?  What is it?

This 18 year old author will explain you so well through his book Once upon a Wednesday. The heartbreaking story of the guy who is in love with her best friend since childhood will make your heart go batsh*t crazy in love with the lead’s character.

The intriguing style if writing leaves the reader crave for more, the pain is actually real in the words.

Filled with spectacular pun, humour and mainly emotion, this book is something no one will ever regret.


One of the many quotes from such a marvelous book is so good, it’s bad. With over 24,000+ reads, his writing style will addict you.

So again the drill is all you know, add this book in your wattpad library and enjoy the story of Theodore, the guy who’s crush is something he never seems to get enough of.



I would suggest everyone to read them because famous authors are people who have goodwill with talent. However, I would curse my life if they weren’t included in my book suggestions.

Hope you enjoy your week and read a lot more. x

Gaganpreet x

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From my last blog, we saw very recurring points every fan fiction in One Direction fandom. Well that wasn’t the end, here we have a few more things that’ll tickle your funny bone IF you read a lots of fan fictions.


Every damn time, this girl Kylie or Rose will throw her hair in a messy bun.

*cue pulls hair out of the roots*
*knots them in a messy bun*
*throws them.*
*I’ll give her an awkward creepy smile*

12. She gets pregnant and delivers the baby in the same chapter.

I mean WHY YOU DO THIS? Its like

“Niall, I’m pregnant. ” Kylie said with her eyes glazed with concern.

(Never knew she was a doughnut.)

*a few day later* (days?????)

“Just get it out of me.” Kylie screamed as Niall held his hand.

Two words only.

Dafuq its? 

13. The beginning.

“Hey,  my name is Y/N. And my mom just called me down to have breakfast. ”


14. Justin Beiber.

He somehow creeeeeeeps his way into an ongoing story. That too like a villain.
And all the people are against him. Wow. 

He is one of the best artists in the world don’t forget! .

15. The only thing she eats is pasta and pizza. 


“Liam let’s order pizza for dinner. And I’ll rent Toy story, yea?” Amber asked as she hopped on her red velvet plush couch with floral designs on the cloth.

“Sure. As you say.” Liam pecked on her cheek.


Amber had pasta for dinner and then a leftover slice of pizza.


Liam shuffled on the sofa and asked Kylie to cook. She blushed and shook her head.
“Liam, let’s go and eat pizza outside. ”

He nodded and moved out with her.

100 days –

Liam let’s have pizza.

Aren’t you dead already with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels Amber? 

16. All the way, Simon Cowell had a secret niece.

Apparently, Simon never knew who was thus homeless girl is, but then she somehow turns out to be her niece. And then her name is #KylieCowell.

Wayyyy to go darling.

17. Zayn can sleep through all the noise and cacophony. 

I swear if I ever meet him. I’ll test it though,  I’ll get an Indian Shaadi band and play mere yaar ki shadi hai With heaviest bass if all time and stroke his sleepy hair.

Yeah #lifegoals

18. Usage of Your, you’re, you’ve, you’d, their, there, they’re. 

The entire 34 chapter book is written with a wrong grammar and with no difference between YOUR AND YOU’RE.  
*gives you a grammar assignment. *
* smiles. *

19. Age of authors  

The girl is like 11-12 and is writing smut. The author says she is 10 and wrote a Larry smut.

Like wtf your parents don’t watch what you do? I am 17 and hella scared if my maa read my book’s kiss scene.

20. Intimate scenes.

His tongue asked for an entrance.’

His lips crashed on mine.

Are they sliding doors? Put the card- get entrance.

Is it some sort of car crash? Did any of the bacteria on your lips died during this wreck?


Well here we go with 10 more dumb fan fiction moments.

Like it and share the blog if you love it. All the love.

Gaganpreet x

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Dumb fanfic moments.

Just admit this, we all read fan fictions no matter what. The one direction and 5sos fam comprise of world’s best and worst stories. Well being mostly in one direction fandom, I came across some too dumb moments making me go WTF? 

(This blog is for fun, no particular story or anything is pointed. Its just my conclusion after reading a loads of similar fan fictions by my fellow mates.)

1. The book title.

Major issues here. Either the title is so big, it’s hard to remember. Or it’s a word too complex specially chosen from dictionary; it’s too hard to remember again.

2. Name of the girl.

It is always either Kylie, Mia, Rose, Amber, Ashely….. Y/N.
And is always played by Barbara Palvin or Victoria Justice.

Just stahp!!! K?

3.  Coffee spills. 

She happens to spill coffee or her overly exaggerated frappe on the Harry, who also happens to be roaming freely without any guards. Moreover, no one recognises him.

Seems like everyone is either fools or too nonchalant about their surroundings.

4.  She is snatched away from streets or is accommodated by band members.
Rose’s POV

I was sitting on the side walk, my hands pale and breathing short. I was hungry since last week and idk how I survived.

But out of the vanity, I saw this glistening boot. I looked and and gasped to see God himself. But regained my posture and stared deep in the oceans of his blue orbs.

“Do you have a home?” He growled. And I felt sparks inside my body….

FYI,  she is hungry and homeless. Then Niall Horan, CEO of Horan Enterprises comes out of the blue and gets interested in the hobo look this girl is having.

I mean Y u do tis 2 meh?  Huh? 

5. Apologies always ends like BOOM! 

“I hate you! You’ve been cheating with me on my best friend.” Mia screeched, drowning in her tears.

“But I got you Nandos from my last coupon left.” His eyes almost watered and looked pleading in to my orbs.

“Fine.” She raises her hands defensively. “Where is the food?” She asks.

“Oh baby I love you so much.” Niall wrapped his arm around her waist and smashed his lips on her.

I guess this needs no explanation.  -.-+


For the sake of humanity,  it’s 2015. Zayn is not in the band anymore and Niall still has this appetite of a whale. Louis munches all day on carrots. Liam is still afraid of spoons. Harry has brown luscious chocolate curls and Zayn is still self obsessed with mirror in his back pocket.


7. Her dressing sense.

‘I decided to go in my 13×15 walk in closet and rummaged out a high waisted shorts with a black tank top and a crop top. I also pull my hair in a messy bun. And put a flower crown on her brown luscious locks.

Way to go basic and simple. -.-

8. Dark HARRY. 

Everything he does is darkly.

“He stared at me darkly.”
“He chuckled darkly.”
“He texted darkly.”
“He farted darkly.”
“He burnt me darkly.”
“He walked darkly.”
“He tied his shoes darkly.”

Me- “………….”

9. 50 shades of…………

The title is 50 shades of Zayn/ Harry / Liam / Louis/ Niall.

Same story. Same desk. Same everything. 

Reads?  4551561611717
Votes? 6551617191

10. “My eyes flutter open… ”

“The hot water cascaded down my creamy, soft and buttery body. ”

Who are you?

“My eyes flutter open as I found do myself on the same bed I was last night.”


Well never be royals… royaalllllls. 


I hope you enjoyed the dumb moments. Again, it’s not a reference to any book, just a collection of facts I got by reading all of them. 

Keep your eyes on the next blog for more DUMB FANFIC MOMENTS.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

Gaganpreet x

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Book of the week: Immortals of Meluha by Amish.

Salutations readers,

Books, they are an essential part of your life. From day one, to the last breath; books hold something always major. Moreover talking about books written solely for the purpose of diving in and get lost in the alternative universe is the best thing happening to humanity.

However, some people find it a job with nails stuck in their feet when they walk around in book stores or rummage through online distributors as to “Which one should I buy?”

So, here I am with my first book suggestion.


The author who shot the bestselling list in his debut book. As thrilling the title sounds, there is no denying fact in the story line being equally spectacular.

The 1974 born banker turned into an amazing author won hearts of millions of readers all across the globe and was translated in about all major Indian languages. Even recently his book two- The secrets of the nagas; was sold in Filipino, conquering hearts.

The book revolves around the lead, Lord Shiva.  The beautifully crafted and intellectually built series of events will leave the readers in awe. (Including myself).

The down to earth author writes with a vast ocean of vocabulary and fabulous pun and satire. In every sentence, being the reader myself my jaw dropped and to save my boom from my drool I had to recover myself. (Joke.)

The three part long tale of the man who became God due to a legend and Shiva’s destiny is the journey one must travel with Amish’s book.

A treat for philosophy lovers and deep thought seekers,  it’s a book for you. History blended with mythology and philosophy and mind blowing writing skills will definitely leave you in a book hangover you’ll never regret.

As the author quotes in his recent live stream,


It is all Lord Shiva’s blessings. It is his story and I am the propagator of his life story and lessons his living engraved in the golden pages of history.

Humble much? Very.

So go ahead guys, grab a nook and sit back relax with a cup of tea, and put your hands on the masterpiece created by one of India’s most legendary authors.

You’ll thank me later.  🙂

Thanks for reading.

Gaganpreet x