Is Scott going overboard with his PDA?

Scott disick the handsome hunk who’s the husband of the famous kourtney kardashian and the father of 3
Was recently spotted with model chloe who is supposedly his ex engaging in PDA with her !
Do you think he is going overboard?
Well the kardashian’s definitely think so.
Kourtney is sure that Scott hooked up with model chloe without her presence
An insider states that kourtney is ‘devastated’ over the pictures and hasn’t been talking to Scott since days !
She’s been really depressed but is trying to be strong for her kids but is loosing control
Khloe took over instagram showing her support for kourtney !

She uploaded the picture right after the pictures of scott were leaked
She called kourtney her ‘ace’
Consedence much ?
Guess not

Do you think Scott needs to explain himself to kourtney?
Do you think kourtney will take Scott back ?
Comment about what you think






Sexiest Prison Inmate ever: Stella Carlin aka Ruby Rose

I wonder how it feel likes to be Ruby Rose right now. Knowing that every gay, straight, girl, boy, animal, sack, paper, LEGO wants to bang you.

It’s only a matter of time before YouTube will be filled with Ruby Rose makeup video’s, cause who doesn’t wanna recreate those amazing cheekbones and lush lips? This Youtube make-up guru Kandee Johnson loves Litchfield’s newest inmate just as much as I do.

In her most recent video, the makeup artist took on her subscribers’ challenge to transform herself into Australian actress and “Orange Is The New Black” newbie, Ruby Rose aka The New Mr. Steal Yo girl. (Major girl crush right now 😍 #RubyRose #crushing #hot #OITNB )

In less than two minutes,  the 36-year-old shows all her steps to becoming Rose’s character, Stella Carlin. From her eyebrows to her lips, everything about her transformation is on point. Kandee also added a tattoo with mascara and used lines to give the illusion of shaved hair for added effect. And if you thought the two looked similar before, just wait to see the end result of her makeup magic.

That wink though ❤ She is also the real doppelganger of young Leonardo DiCaprio.

 Ruby Rose on her short hair:

I remember when I interviewed John Mayer [for The Project] and he kept stopping the interview to ask why I’d cut my hair, and he said, ‘I just think you’re hiding from your true beauty’ and it was the weirdest interview. He kept trying to find this deep, subconscious thing and I was like, ‘I just like it short dude!’

What always lurking in her bag??

I have Brow Drama in my bag all the time; always got Baby Lips because my lips are always dry from all the travelling … Sometimes I’ll have either a mask or something like that in there just in case I’m staying in a hotel or something. Or if I’m flying, I’ll keep some masks or an 8 hour cream in there to keep my face hydrated. I don’t keep a full beauty bag in my handbag. It gets too heavy.

That was Ruby Rose Edition. Hope you liked it. Follow me on twitter: Sagarika_1d


Kanye and kim reveal gender of baby no.2


Congrats kim and kanye ! And obviously baby nori!
Baby nori just turned 2 ! Yayy
And she got the best gift ever !
A new sibling !
Kim’s tweet says ” you’re such a good daddy to north and you will be the best daddy to our new son too”

So is she gonna keep the baby’s name from K or is it gonna be another direction !
Focusing on the joke saying that kimye can name their new baby ‘south’ hahahahah
But that’s not gonna happen now is it ?
Can’t wait for baby no.2 in the kardashian and west family !
I’m sure the entire fam is really excited and waiting !
And especially baby nori for her new baby brother ! And let’s not forget mason, reign and penelope


Get the look: Eleanor Calder

If you don’t know who Eleanor Calder is. Then, you, my friend are living under a huge rock. She used to date Louis Tomlinson. Don’t you know who he is? One Direction. You don’t what they are? Somethings wrong with ya.

Anyways, I’m not here to discuss her ex-boyfriend, I’m here to discuss her beauty make up and style. I love it. It’s the perfect combination of London street style and sophistication. And truth be told, if you’ve got the makeup and hair down you’re already halfway there.

Eye makeup: Eyeliner + Mascara! Line on your upper eyelid 3/4 starting from the outer corner of the eye. Always remember to keep the line thicker towards the outer corner. (sometimes she also lines underneath her eye but never all the way. usually she’ll go halfway)

Lips: keep it low key and natural using a shade of light pink.

Foundation: Depending on your skin this is different for everyone. What your aiming for is a flawless skin that appears like you’re not wearing any makeup at all. Go to a makeup store and get advice. Some people are even better avoiding foundation.

Blush: not necessary. Some light pink on your cheeks perhaps.

Hair: Her curls are drop dead gorgeous. The key is that they look natural yet they clearly aren’t. Because who’s born with that kind of perfect hair. When you use your curling iron the trick is to roll up the curls differently so they don’t stick together. they have to be a bit messy. So yes, what we’re going for here are perfect messy curls. Eekks!!! PERF!!


Eleanor’s dressing style is simple yet elegant. You’ll often find her in Topshop clothes like the T-shirt. FYI, Eleanor doesn’t show too much cleavage or wear very short skirts/shorts… In that way she’s sophisticated.

She enjoys wearing classy things such as shirts, trench coats… and at the same time also goes more street cool in a printed T-shirt and a beenie.

I’ve found pictures of her in a pair of boyfriend jeans, but her favorite still seems to be dark skinny jeans. You can pair them with everything, they can be a part of a cool street style outfit or a contribution to a classy outfit.

So, this is it peeps. Did you  like this article??? Isn’t El a cutie??? I love her sense of fashion soooo much ❤


Get the look: Sophia Smith Style

Sophia Smith “get the look” on “Class of 92” London Premiere on the 1st of December.

                                                     Sophiam ❤

To achieve Sophia’s look, follow these steps:

1– To get your skin ready for the make up, make sure you apply some primer (I recommend smashbox because it is so light and is transparent)

2- Once your primer is set, apply your foundation in circular motions with a brush. (I recommend the Make up For ever because it is perfect as it is HD and your skin will look perfect in pictures!)

3– After the foundation, get a bigger brush and apply translucent powder or if you prefer, a coloured one but make sure it is close to your skin colour. (You can get any you want or just the one that adapts to your skin because even a Maybelline powder is good!)

4– To complete the face make up, to add a little contouring and colour, you want to make sure you apply some blush. To get Sophia’s look, you will only need to apply it to the apples of your cheek very lightly. (For this, I recommend NARS because it is just amazing and it looks pretty close to Sophia’s colour)

5– For the eyes, Sophia was wearing a smoke eye which was beautifully done. For that, you may use separate colors but if you prefer you may use a Smokey eye palette. (I recommend Topshop Smokey Eye palette which is good and the price is very affordable).

6– After your eye shadow, make sure you add an eyebrow pencil or palette on them to shape your face and make your eyes also stand out. On the eyebrows, you have to make sure you don’t add ANY colour, make sure you use a colour that matches closely to your hair for a natural look. (With that, I recommend the Shisiedo eyebrow styling palette because it has different shades and it is so good!)

7– A girl can never go out without mascara right?! Sophia, on this event, was wearing little mascara yet, it looked very natural and effective. I think she done that to make her eye stand out.

8– To completely finish your look, and the last step you will do, is the lipstick. Sophia was wearing a peachy/nude color just to not go plain, yet, she didn’t go outrageous with like a red or a pink. (With that, I recommend Mac Tanarama lipstick for that exact effect).


Love Sophia’s style!!! I will do a post on Eleanor Calder Style too. 






Well hello everyone !
Today is June 4th !
And what happened on this big day ?
Well obviously angelina jolie was born wohoooo
This actress , humanitarian and filmmaker just turned 40 !
Not only is she all of this
But also the wife of the famous brad Pitt and mother of 6 children !
So In honour of the maleficant starlet’s birthday let’s have a little throwback to all of her perfect outfits !
Which one is your favourite ??







The best dressed model so far in 2015

Well hello everyone ! I’m the new blogger of this account , Ishika.

My main topic to write on will be fashion

So the first topic is –  “best dressed model so far in 2015”. And so according to all the award ceremonies to the all the festivals now this paticular girl slayed everyone.


This girl right here just started off with her modeling career not even a year ago and she is already slaying the red carpet

It maybe the grammy’s,  the billboards or the Met gala. This Jenner is always wearing the best .She also rocked choachella this year!

Her outfits were on point and were totally chic. She often attends all of these festivals or events with her younger sister Kylie jenner

Kendall’s street style is also very cute and not too much

This 19 year old model carries herself elegantly and in a classy way. The model is obviously rising up in her modeling career even more now

She is currently the model of calvin klein jeans along side with justin bieber

Do you guys agree with me ? Do you think that kendall will be a great supermodel one day ?

well we do !Screenshot_2015-06-03-23-50-28