Meet Your Bloggers.

1601477_608603599195433_2036627178_nName– Divyansha Dongre-  The pop culture enthusiast (Administrator)    

Age– 19


Hey there! So im the founder of this blog- even though im not Beyonce when it comes to blogging (Yes, you read it right. I used Beyonce as an adjective).  In fact, I started this website two weeks ago simply because I was bored and #Done with Chemistry revision. But Im so glad I started it because the feedback and response has been pretty rad! So basically Im in charge of bringing you all the bits and pieces of information whether major or minor from the pop culture world and also keep you up to date with the latest and weirdest social media trends. Heads up, I have a weird obsession with llama’s, tiramisu, Grant Gustin and The Big Bang Theory. I hope you’ll enjoy my blog posts!


11420262_1586491764972279_937373609_oName– Sangarika Biswas-  The beauty and DIY Queen (Author)

Age- 17

Country– India

My name is Sagarika Biswas. You can call me Lisa or Sagarika :p
My hobbies are reading romantic books on wattpad or other online reading sites, currently writing a story on wattpad (Valentino’s Fake Girlfriend). I usually write about beauty tips, DIY’s, relationship and dating tips. I have started my own blog Teenlicious Diva yesterday because my exams are over and also I’m pretty much bored I wanna share my views and ideas regarding the things I feel very passionate about. I spend my spare time searching funny memes and gifs :p
1546026_339606682907297_7527436626140973173_n Name – Gaganpreet Kaur.

 Age – 17

 Country – India.

 Hola potatoes! I am a potato just like you guys and loves to laze around and read a lot.  I love fiction mostly and I have a weird talent of taking weird and natural  photographs. I love music especially One Direction, Ed Sheeran and Demi Lovato.

I love to write and give critical evaluation. Feel free to send your critical evaluation requests. I’ll be doing the book reviews and suggestions along with funny things related to fandom. I hope you’ll love me and my posts.

P.S. I love aloo ke pakode a lot.


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